Chidi and his many adventures

This is a collection of children stories about a boy called Chidi who lives with his family in modern-day Nigeria. Young readers will  share and experience the emotional, spiritual and cultural dilemma that Chidi faces as he is growing up.

Stay Tuned, Michaela Damasus Ritucci, Author


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4 Responses to Chidi and his many adventures

  1. Lucia says:

    Hi Mrs Ritucci I hope you remember me. you came to my school in tottenham in October during the black history month. you read the story of chidi and the Antelope to the whole class. It was a lovely story and my class and myself still remember the grandma telling Chidi to tell lies only once a year. when are we going to see you again to hear the othe stories. I saw your web site please can you tell me when it will be ready and what you want to do this year?

    • akwocha says:

      Lucia thank you ever so much for your comment about the Chidi story. I remember you very well. At the moment I have been working around the clock to ensure that the story book of Chidi and the Antelope will be ready by October 2010. So far the I have developed a Music, Dance and Art activity to go with the story. I do hope to come back to your school soon. The new web site will be up and running by the end of July 2010. I will soon be getting in touch with your school soon. Mrs Ritucci

  2. aida says:

    Hi, Mrs Ritucci!! The story book of Chidi and the Antelope is very nice..It’s important to help children through stories that can allow young readers both to understand themselves, and to be empathic.. I’ m a teacher in a Primary school in Foggia (Italy) and I thik i will tell this story in Italian to my pupils by the end of this school year. By for now. aida.

    • akwocha says:

      Hi Aida,
      thank you ever so much for your comment it is indeed an honour to hear this from a teacher. How old are your pupils? I have visited Foggia a few times. Please let me know if the pupils have enjoyed the story and I will send a few more copies to them including the new series.
      Michaela Damasus Ritucci.


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