Chidi and Neka’s new looks

Hi everyone
I have currently completed a sketch of Chidi’s face and his distinct hair style and I hope to post it on my blog in a few weeks time. At the moment I am in New York working on the final features of Chidi’s sister Neka. I am sure that you will be pleased to see them in a few weeks time. So do stay tune and thanks to all of you that have contacted me recently.
Michaela Damasus Ritucci


6 Responses to Chidi and Neka’s new looks

  1. akwocha says:

    Will this look be what he will look like in the book and when eaxtly will it come out?
    jane I am Emili’s friend.

  2. akwocha says:

    Like I said it will be out very soon.
    michaela Damasus Ritucci

  3. akwocha says:

    hi mrs ritucci it’s me Luke is he the picture of what you showed me in school at St francis am in Lucia’s class.

  4. akwocha says:

    Just stay tuned as I said it will be out soon.
    M D Ritucci

  5. akwocha says:

    It’s me Abdulah Mrs Ritucci please tell me now.

  6. akwocha says:

    Please wait for a few weeks.
    M D Ritucci

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